i4Df Western Outreach Event
i4Df Western Outreach Event
Paris, France, 30 September 2019

Τhe i4Df Western Outreach Event took place in Paris, France, on 30 September to 01 October 2019. The infra4Dfuture event was preceded by a workshop of the H2020 AEROFLEX initiative, which took place in the morning of 30 September. A plenary meeting of both events was hosted in the afternoon of the same day by the Routes de France.

Many high level representatives of the French public and private Transport research and deployment scene attended the plenary meeting and highlighted the French approach as well as the many successful accomplishments created by cooperation. One of the examples mentioned was the Infravation programme, with active French partnership, which is leading to fruitful and promising follow up. The day closed with a joint networking dinner. 

In the morning of 01 October the meeting focused on the three capabilities and the IFAs and was moderated by members of the i4Df consortium and Core Group. Both the i4Df Capabilities document as well as the initiative as such were highly appreciated and supported by all workshop participants. The aim of the workshop was to elaborate on the working of the IFA ecosystems through a set of prepared questions:What to cooperate on?

  • How to cooperate?
  • What are the benefits and challenges to cooperation?
  • How can challenges be overcome?
  • Expression of interest

The main outcome that was very much welcomed by the i4Df core group was the fact that all workshop participants showed active interest in becoming part of the i4Df initiative. Furthermore the reporting will find its way forward and into upcoming i4Df events such as the next expert meeting at the beginning of 2020.